Tamarind: The Miracle Plant

Being native to Africa and many other tropical regions around the world, the tamarind tree has rooted itself within Caribbean culture. This dense hardwood tree bares bean like pods with seeds encased in a sweet and sour pulp. Tamarind pulp is an ingredient often used in many Caribbean foods, drinks, candies, and is even one of the primary ingredients in Worcestershire sauce. Not to mention the pulp is rich in minerals, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium and has one of the highest levels of protein and carbohydrate of any fruit in the world.

Not only a tasty addition to many foods, for centuries people been using tamarind in their homes as a natural remedy.  Here are some ways you can use this versatile legume at home:


Traditionally, the leaves and bark would be muddled and brewed in hot water to relieve a wide variety of symptoms and illnesses. According to the International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, if tamarind is consumed daily, it can relieve a series of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. With tamarind having such a rich composition of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, this home brew has shown to reduce blood sugar levels, eliminate diarrhoea, mitigate stomach ulcers, and even has expedited wound healing. Capable of keeping your body in check, this plant can also keep your home clean as well. With the pulp possessing high sources of tartaric acid, which is found in baking soda, it serves as a perfect medium to clean all of your metal and copper furnishings.

Although tamarind has numerous positive effects, there can be some unattractive side effects if used improperly. With tamarind pulp being so sweet and acidic, consuming the pulp in excess can result in the weakening of teeth enamel. It can also can have negative reactions with some medicines, so always best to check with your doctor or pharmacist before you make the switch to this natural alternative medicine. 

All in all, the tamarind plant truly is a jack of all trades. From being a flavourful ingredient for your favourite savoury dishes, relieving various symptoms and cleaning up at home, the miracle plant is the perfect title to describe this botanical magician.