Rum Point, Taste of Cayman, Cayman Islands

Taste of: Rum Point Club

As Cayman’s restaurant scene continues to evolve since the first Taste of Cayman over thirty years ago, one iconic vendor remains true to its roots.

Rum Point Club is one of Cayman’s last remaining Caribbean-casual beach restaurants,” Assistant- Manager, Leona Baker-Thompson, said. “While the trend seems to be moving towards more hip and trendy vibes, we want to remain a destination within a destination, for all members of the family.”

Every January, Rum Point Club leaves North Side for Taste of Cayman to join the culinary celebration of the year.  

“It’s tradition! It has to be done. Although it is a lot of work, it is a lot of fun as well,” Mrs. Baker-Thompson, said. “It’s just great being around all the people enjoying the festival.”

“It’s a chance to try many different restaurants that you don’t normally get to go to,” Mrs. Baker-Thompson, said. “As there are so many people going to Taste of Cayman, you get to see people who you haven’t seen in ages and even make some new friends.”

As Rum Point Club is the ‘home of the mudslide’, Taste of Cayman attendees can expect to see the delicious drink on Rum Point’s festival menu for 2019’s event.

“While a lot of other places try and make the mudslide fancy by adding things like ice-cream and other extra ingredients, we keep it simple. That’s when a mudslide it at its best; when it is at its purest,” Mrs. Baker-Thompson, said.

As for the rest of their menu items, Mrs. Baker-Thompson isn’t giving away too many secrets.

“Taste of Cayman attendees can look forward to seeing some American fair-style food. Think food on a stick,” Mrs. Baker-Thompson, said. “Although, there is definitely not going to be any deep-fried butter!”

“Honestly, what we are looking forward to most is just having a lot of fun at our booth,” Mrs. Baker-Thompson, said.

To enjoy Rum Point Club’s booth, among many others at this year’s Taste of Cayman, purchase your tickets here.