Join us. There are many ways you can get involved with the Taste of Cayman Festival.

What is Taste of Cayman?

Taste of Cayman Food & Drink Festival is an annual initiative of the Cayman Islands Tourism Association (CITA), which promotes the culinary excellence of the Cayman Islands food and drink sector.

In 2023, Cayman’s largest and longest-running food and drink festival celebrates 35 years since it first began with a small number of restaurants from the Cayman Islands Restaurant Association meeting in a field to compete in a Chilli Cook-off.

Today, the event has grown to attract thousands of festival goers to celebrate and experience the food and drink scene in the culinary capital of the Caribbean and enjoy the music and party atmosphere that it has become known for.

What are the dates for the 2023 Taste of Cayman Food and Drink Festival?

The 2023 Taste of Cayman Food and Drink Festival is taking place on Saturday, 13 May 2023.

Where will the festival be taking place?

Taste of Cayman is conveniently located at the Festival Green at Camana Bay, in the heart of the Seven Mile Beach corridor, within a short distance to most hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

What time does the festival start and finish?

Ticket holders can enter from 5 pm, and the festival closes for all at 11:45 pm.

How can I buy tickets to Taste of Cayman?

Tickets are available online or at selected outlets.

Online tickets can be purchased on our website, tasteofcayman.org.

Paper tickets can be purchased at any one of these ticket outlets across Grand Cayman.

  • Blackbeard’s locations (Falls, Camana Bay, Eastern Avenue, Grand Harbour, Outlet by Foster’s Airport, XQ’s)
  • Funky Tangs (Shedden Rd – George Town, Hurst Rd – Savannah)
  • Divers Supply
  • Sports Supply
  • Office Supply
  • Tower Marketing office (Fidelity Financial Centre, West Bay Rd)
  • Bon Vivant 

What benefits come with ticket purchase? How much F&B credit comes with my ticket?

General Admission

  • Adult includes 12 food and drink tickets; child includes 5 food and drink tickets
  • Access to all of the restaurants, bars, and entertainment, such as the Main Stage, the CUC seating area, the Bon Vivant Demonstration Stage, Kids Zone, the CG BritCay Photo Booth, the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Culture & Heritage All Things Cayman area, the Seven Fathoms Mixology Competition, and Fireworks.

AI Rentals VIP Admission

  • Adult includes 25 food and drink tickets; child includes 12 food and drink tickets.
  • Access includes all of the benefits of General Admission plus unlimited access to the AI Rentals VIP Hospitality Lounge, featuring its own VIP bar and complimentary welcome drinks and canapes hosted by Saint June at The Ritz-Carlton. In addition, VIP guests also enjoy Priority Parking, Express Entry, VIP Bathrooms, 1 free experience in the Experience Room, and an exclusive main stage viewing area.

What if I run out of food and beverage credit? How do I purchase

Yes, you can purchase additional food and beverage credit. In 2023, you can do this with our new digital wristband! That means, instead of buying a bunch of paper F&B tickets, you’ll be able to add food and beverage credit to your digital wristband. This will allow for a hands-, and hassle-free experience.

Please scroll down to read more about the new Taste of Cayman digital wristbands and how to top-up additional F&B credit.

What kind of food and drink will be served/offered at Taste of Cayman?

Over 25 restaurants will be featured at Taste of Cayman. Each will have a dedicated booth from where guests can enjoy a variety of culinary options. Each restaurant decides what type of food and menu items to offer.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be available from the main bar area. However, for your convenience, non-alcoholic beverages, including soft drinks and water, can be purchased at one of the three dedicated soft drinks booths.

In addition, complimentary water will be available at one of 2 water bottle refill stations sponsored by Flowers Bottled Water. So don’t forget to bring your empty water bottle to stay hydrated!

Is there an age limit for entry to the festival?

Taste of Cayman welcomes foodies of all ages! 

What ages are covered by children tickets?

Children’s tickets are for ages 5-13. Children under 5 are free!

What kinds of activities and entertainment can I expect to experience at Taste of Cayman?

  • Over 25 restaurant vendor booths
  • Seven Fathoms Mixology Competition
  • Bon Vivant Chef Cooking Demo
  • Ministry of Youth, Sports, Culture & Heritage, All Things Cayman section – The platform where talented local choirs, bands, and crafts are on display to ensure that Cayman’s local culture remains the heart of the festival.
    • Local product vendors, artisans, and craftsman
    • Traditional music and art presentations
    • Heavy Cake & Cayman Beef competition
  • Experience Room – Revellers can get closer to the culinary and cocktail action with the experts with immersive experiences, demonstrations, and sampling. (Make sure
    you have enough F&B tickets!)
  • Kids Zone – arts, crafts, and games to help keep the little ones entertained.
    • Live music
    • Beloved local acts
  • Headline act – bands featuring popular music from popular bands. 

Bookmark the Taste of Cayman Run of Show webpage to stay on top of the line-up of
entertainment – both music and culinary!

I work in the food industry. How can I be involved in the Taste of Cayman Food and Drink Festival? 

Fancy your chances as Cayman’s favourite restaurant? Want to showcase your menu to the masses? Learn more about how you can be involved and complete your registration on our webpage tasteofcayman.org/become-a-vendor.

I want to partner with Taste of Cayman 2023 as a sponsor.  How can I get involved?

Please visit our website, tasteofcayman.org/become-a-sponsor, to learn more about how we can help you achieve your marketing and business goals through a partnership with Taste of Cayman Food and Drink Festival.

Can I volunteer for Taste of Cayman?

Yes, please! We are now accepting volunteer registrations Cayman’s largest culinary festival, which will be held on Saturday, 13th May 2023, at the Festival Green, Camana Bay. Please visit tasteofcayman.org/volunteer to submit your application.

Volunteers receive free entrance to the festival, 12 food tickets, a volunteer t-shirt, and the best one yet – a Thank you party!

Want to treat your colleagues or entertain clients at Taste of

Treat your clients and colleagues with Corporate Taste of Cayman General Admission tickets for only CI$49 and VIP Adult tickets for CI$200 when you buy a minimum of 5 tickets!

Email taste@tower.com.ky for info and to purchase corporate tickets.

What are Taste of Cayman digital wristbands?

Once you’ve bought your ticket, it’s time to get your wristband. That’s right! Taste is going digital in 2023! These digital wristbands will save you time by helping to avoid queues at the gate and during the event.

The wristbands are your digital festival currency, allowing for a hands- and hassle-free experience. They are pre-loaded with your food and beverage credit, and you can check your balance or quickly top-up additional F&B credit at multiple designated top-up stations while at the event.

Once you purchase your event ticket online or at a ticket outlet, you will exchange it for a wristband at the gate on the night of the event. You can also pick it up in advance at one of the pop-ups in Camana Bay by The Observation Tower. (See advance pick-up info below)

The wristband you receive will correlate with your ticket type (adult, child, VIP), and will come pre-loaded with that value of F&B credit. (See info about tickets below)

That’s it! You are now ready to start tapping your wristbands at the vendors and enjoying
your food and drinks!

There will be various F&B top-up stations throughout the event where you may conveniently top-up additional F&B credit to your wristband. You may also top-up F&B credit on your phone via a mobile online portal. (See more info about top-ups below)

Can I pick up my wristbands in advance, and save more time?

All ticket-holders can collect their wristbands at the gate on the on the night of the event, but you can skip the line at the gate when you collect your digital Taste of Cayman wristbands in advance.

Simply bring your printed or online/electronic tickets to one of our pop-up outlets at The Observation Tower in Camana Bay and trade them in for your pre-loaded wristbands.

When? Tuesday, 9 May, 4 – 7pm  OR Thursday, 11 May, 4 – 7pm
Where? The Observation Tower in Camana Bay

Once you pick up your wristband, you can go straight through when you arrive at Taste of

Can I still get my wristband at the gate on the night of the event?

Yes! Ticket holders can also get their wristbands at the gate. If you do, you will go through a separate line to have your online or paper ticket scanned before collecting your wristband. Remember, the wristband will come pre-loaded with the value of F&B credit that correlates with your ticket type (adult, child, VIP).

That’s it! You are now ready to start tapping your wristbands at the vendors and enjoying
your food and drinks!

How do I top-up additional F&B credit to my wristband?

You can top-up extra food and beverage credit to your wristbands with cash or a credit card. You can also check your balance at any time during the event. All you have to do is:

1. Visit one of the several Top-up ticket booths located throughout Taste
2. Sync your wristband to your mobile device. Just head over to the Event Pro trailer. They will sync your device and then you can top-up at your leisure!

If you experience any issues with your wristband, look for one of our “Ask Me” volunteers or visit the EventPro trailer at the event and they will gladly get you sorted.

How much does additional F&B credit cost? How much money will I need?

Prices for food and drinks are set by the vendors however, food and beverage credit is based on a ticket value of:

1 F&B ticket = CI$ 1.00

When you purchase additional F&B value at a top-up station or on your mobile device, it will be credited to your digital wristband.

The amount of F&B credit needed to purchase food and drinks is determined by each of those vendors. The vendors make the decision as to the cost based on the product they are supplying, and the minimum cost will be two F&B tickets (CI$2).

Other Important wristband notes

  • The wristband must be securely strapped to your wrist to be accepted for payment at the vendor stations.
  • Once secured, the wristbands cannot be removed
  • There are no refunds for any remaining food and beverage credit left on your wristband at the end of the event.
  • Lost wristbands cannot be replaced.

Can I bring a drone to film at the Taste of Cayman?

Unfortunately, no, drones are strictly prohibited at the Taste of Cayman.

How do I contact Taste of Cayman?

Email:               taste@tower.com.ky

Phone:             1-345-623-6700

Social Media:    @tasteofcayman