Deckers, Abacus and Karoo partner with ARK Cayman

Deckers, Abacus and Karoo have joined forces with ARK Cayman by creating a Soup Kitchen to feed those in need in Cayman with a daily hot soup.

They are producing in excess of 100 hearty soups each day. ARK volunteers are distributing them to people in need all over Cayman. The intention is to increase the daily soup and meal production up to 250 and beyond in the upcoming weeks.

The entire project is based on donations. How can you help?

Monetary donations to ARK to support our Soup Kitchen via ARK online.
Donate while you shop at Foster’s by purchasing food cards for needy families
Email :

Feed Your Employees
In addition to the soup kitchen, they are also offering a program which can extend to employees who are currently without work.

As an employer, you can purchase “ONE HOT MEAL” a day for your employees to collect at DECKERS for 6 days a week at a cost of CI$ 8.50 per meal – a portion of the proceeds will go directly to fund ARK.

How does it work?

Provide a list of employees working for you who are entitled to collect the daily meal.

We will charge your credit card which is provided by you. You can then provide us with your business logo and we will create a Wall of Heroes showing who has supported ARK and the unemployed workers of Cayman.

Chefs from DECKERS and ABACUS will create a Daily Special.

Each “To Go” meal will be comprised of : a meat, rice or potatoes and vegetables + 2 slices of Bread.

Please call direct or send an email to:

Neil, Markus & ARK would like to thank you in advance for supporting this Cayman Kind initiative.

CAYMAN STRONG United against Hunger, supporting our People of Cayman.