As the summer season gets well underway, residents Island wide begin to readjust to the sweat-inducing warmth of the sun, but with the unwelcomed heat comes a familiar mouth-watering favourite. June 1st marked the official beginning of our mango season and it’s safe to say everyone is ecstatic to see the seasonal favourite ripe and ready for reaping. Originating from South and Southeast Asia, the mango is considered one of the most widely cultivated fruits of the tropics.

In Cayman, the modestly titled ‘King of fruits’ is everyone’s favourite in one way or another, with an abundance of variety and overall quantity, the possibilities are endless. A part of Cayman’s culture for decades, mangos here are prepared and consumed in a multitude of ways. Most simply eaten as is, in its natural delicious state, but with a little extra effort and some culinary skill, the mango can be turned into anything from juices, jams, ice cream and smoothies to bread, pastries, sauces and so much more. Available island wide, you can get your daily fix of mango from rustic roadside fruit stands, direct from a farmer or straight from the supermarket.

This year, the first annual mango fair, aptly named  Mango Mania, was held at Cayman’s Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, with a huge mango tree sale, mango products, live music, local drinks  and BBQ, .

There are still opportunities to celebrate and get your mango fix, thanks to the upcoming Farm to Table Dinner at Cabana, and the wine, cocktails and mango dinner at Cracked Conch.

Cabana will celebrate Mango season on July 6th with Mango Caviar, Mango Escovitch, fresh pressed juices and every kinda’ mango dessert you could think of. July 19th at Cracked Conch will see 6 mango courses paired with cocktails and wines to celebrate “the best season of all”.

The mango season truly arrived in Cayman in style.