Taste of Cayman takes steps to be more environmentally conscious

The organizers of Taste of Cayman Food and Drink Festival 2019 have taken steps to ensure that this year will leave a smaller ecological footprint than in previous years.

Taste of Cayman has put measures in place to reduce the amount of waste produced by the festival and help educate attendees on how to make changes in their day to day life to be more environmentally friendly.

“While we always look forward to entertaining so many people at Taste of Cayman with great food and fantastic live entertainment, this year we also wanted take a good look at how we can decrease the waste produced by the festival,” said Ms. Julie Allan, Chair of the Taste of Cayman Committee and member of the CITA Executive Committee.

Measures that have been put in place include using serving dishes made with 99% plant-based renewable resources throughout the festival, and providing more recycling centres across the Festival Green for attendees.

“There will be a recycling bank next to the main festival bar as well as plastic and aluminium bins scattered through the festival, to make sure recycling remains an easy and accessible choice for all our festival attendees,” Ms. Allan said.

 “Also we will have an amazing Taste of Cayman Green Team on hand throughout the night, working behind the scenes to clear and sort rubbish and ensure that every type of waste finds the correct home,” Ms. Allan said.

Steff McDermot, head of the Taste of Cayman Green Team, is also excited by the opportunity to interact with Taste of Cayman attendees and provide them with more information about reducing their plastic consumption at home.

“It is great to see so many large events on island, not only making a greater effort to be more environmentally friendly,” Ms. McDermot said. “I also look forward to working with the Taste of Cayman Committee on future events, to work towards an entirely plastic free festival in years to come.”

The Taste of Cayman committee is also grateful to DART for their assistance in acquiring the more eco-friendly serving dishes.