Taste of: D’Corn Shack

Whether you’re at the movies or just need a quick afternoon pick-me-up, popcorn is a universally adored snack that always manages to hit the spot. And the D’Corn Shack knows how to take this beloved treat to the next level.

“With my background as a chef, I decided to take the popcorn and use it to highlight local flavours,” D’Corn Shack owner, Derrick Thomas, said. “For example, our caramel corn comes in flavours such as the jerk pork, scots bonnet, coconut ginger and rum; really just a wide variety.”

Their secret for their amazing flavour combinations?

“It’s all about trial and error. And I have the best sample audience: my children,” Mr Thomas said. “Their reactions are the best ones. If it turns out really great then I’ll get applause. Or if they don’t like it they say so.”

But it’s not just the popcorn! D’Corn Shack pop up store also features corn chip, corn soup, kettle corn and even whole corn on the cob sprinkled with their delicious seasoning.

So where exactly can you find D’Corn Shack?

“We pop up in different areas,” Mr Thomas said. “Those who follow us on Instagram will know where to find us. It makes it exciting for our followers”

You can find them in action during the week, usually on the street of George Town treating cruise ship passengers to some of their unique popcorn flavours. Or, just head to your favourite gas station or supermarket to grab a bag of their freshly packaged popcorn.

And of course, you can also expect them at Cayman’s most popular events including Taste of Cayman.

“For Taste of Cayman, we really wanted to be able to put a local twist on the international favourite, so be on a look out for us,” Mr Thomas said.

They are certainly a vendor that you won’t want to miss. But you gotta be quick, in previous years they’ve completely sold out of their popcorn.

So don’t miss out. Get your tickets to Taste of Cayman today and be sure to grab a bag of popcorn from D’Corn shack.